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. >> they ordered an aircraft carrier and other u.s. ships to help. they should be arriving in the next 2, 3 days and we posted a list of ways you can help the victims of the typhoon. just go to and scroll to web links. >>> following breaking news in the south bay. pg&e says a power utage effected 5500 customers around 3:00 p.m. a power line came down. we just spoke with pg&e and they say the crews are at the scene and 15 minutes ago there are still 500 customers without power. electricity is expected to be restored to everyone within the hour. >>> police in sclera rest -- santa clara arrested a burglary suspect before 9:00 a.m. this morning. news chopper 2 was over head as they got into position. as a precaution neighbors were evacuated and residents were told -- residents were told to shelter in place. this was after 2:00 p.m. >>> the new 4th over the caldecot tunnel is -- 4th bore of the caldecot tunnel is set to open this month. ktvu's tom vacar is here with more. >> you may see that for the next few days. it is a series of various responders, police, fire and emergency responder
stab wounds. and police say a suspect has been taken into custody. the vta tells us some southbound trains were delayed for some time. >>> a 14-year-old girl is on life support after being hit while crossing the street right outside of her high school. it's part of an alarming trend in the south bay. patti lee is outside the girl's high school where counselors have been on hand for the past two days. patti. >> reporter: today teachers here at james lake high school have been told to keep an eye out for students who are acting strangely but have not asked for counseling. that's because there's a lot of miss information circling about this accident that took place here sunday night and it's causing some students to start mourning the death of bianca valdez while others are still holding out hope she will recover. pray for bianca is the campaign friends of the 15-year-old are circling privately on instagram. >> she's a beautiful girl. i loved her. i just hope that her funeral is just the way she wanted it. >> reporter: but bianca's boyfriend says he started mourning sunday night after
. the crash happened a few miles from his home where workers told us he was still a resident. >> i have never known him to be that type of guy to drive that fast. >> reporter: high school teammate share as spot on the wall of honor at their high school in texas. he said he can't make sense of what happened. >> it is not him. maybe he has lot on his mind. i don't know. >> reporter: investigators are waiting on a toxicology report to know whether or not he was driving under the influence. friends tell us he was active in the community in texas and here in the bay area. we are putting that together for 6:00 p.m. eric rasmussen, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> the coast guard and police are investigating the death of a crew member aboard a ship. firefighters removed the body at 3:00 p.m. this afternoon from a crane on top of the ship. there is no word if the death was work related. they have yet to examine the body to determine the cause of death. >>> develops news from hayward, a shooting in the past 90 minutes. there may be as many as 3 victims. at this point there are no reports of any death. news ch
busters from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. here at toys r us. >> a lot of discounts out there on this thanksgiving night. thank you. best buy opens at 6:00 p.m. as does sports tate, walmart, jc penny and sears, target and staples. >>> holiday shopping got off to a shaky start at kmart. the store was supposed to open at 6 p.m.? stead shoppers were left out in the cold while they fixed the problem. >> things happen. it is what it is. >> the store opened 7:15 a.m. the manager said some discounts will be offered through tomorrow to make up for the delay. >>> new at 5:00 p.m. 3-1/2 weeks after a attack, sasha fleischman is speaking out. he spoke publicly for the first time. ktvu's john sasaki is live to show us how he is recovering. >> reporter: i have been covering the story since the incident happened and talked to his parents and today after he returned home from the hospital we hurt from the teenager. >> reporter: sasha fleischman hasn't been home since november 4, the day his life changed. >> i looked down and my skirt is on fire. and -- i freak out because i am on fire.
backyard. >> residents say the pigs, all pregnant saws threatened pets. >> this used to have been a very nice, well done yard, but we had three pig attacks. >> a state fish and wildlife warden is stressing a wild pig population forcing them into neighborhoods. >> the lawns are extremely wet and that's a huge source of food to pigs. >> they can't send the sufficient, they can't send anything. >> the homeowner's association had to get a certainly permit to kill the pigs. he shot the biggest big with a cross bow. the other two ran down the street but will be back likely. >> warden jacobson said to expect more of these with dry weather. >> was there a reason why they were killing those as opposed to trapping them? >> trappers -- the trappers is more dangerous. and is it more humane to compete against another family group? these are nonnative species. they have no natural predominate tory predators. >>> in the south bay, it became legal to shoot wild pigs. the san jose city council passed an ordinance allowing state permitting of shootings. they've been ripping up lawns in months. the council
treatment in june. it's been a long three years for us, and this is one -- one way to kick it off. >> not only a day for miles to remember, but it's a day san francisco will never forget. reporting live in san francisco, rob ross ktvu channel 2 news. >> and if you just can't get enough of these great pictures today of little miles as the batkid, we put together a slide show on with some of the best pictures of the day. we also have raw video clips of all of batkid's adventures that you can share with your friends. >>> even president obama noticed the l caped kru saider. he commented on a photo of miles on twitter. the president tweeted, quote, here he comes. president obama also poesd a batkid video on the web site vine. he certainly was not the only one. coming up at 5:30 how batkid not only took san francisco by storm but captured all of social media. >>> now, bart's board of directors is meeting right now to a closed door session to investigate a mistake they say was discovered in a tentative labor contract. that contract glitch threatens to derail the agreement betwee
after police say he used a rifle to kill a tsa screener and wound three other people. paul ciancia wrote a note saying he was going to target tsa workers. he believed they had violated his rights. today paul ciancia's issued a statement offering condolences. this comes as the union that represents tsa screeners is calling for more armed officers at check points because of that shooting and that would include a new class of tsa employees trained as law enforcement officers. last night they confiscated 29 guns at u.s. airports. a professor has been studying the increase in gun seizures. >> i think at tax-that become -- at lax that became a violent events. >>> stricter gun control laws may becoming to sunnyvale. before you vote ktvu's janine de la vega gives us both sides of the argument. >> year after the shooting at sandy hook elementary school in connecticut sunnyville mayor is leading the push for stricter gun control here. >> it can happen anywhere. >> reporter: it require as gun owner to tell police if their gun is lost or stolen and prohibits ammunition magazines of more than 10 roun
they would face is one year in jail. some friends of those students who talked to us said the incidents were pranks and hazing. why that person's family and community groups believe more legal action should be taken. live in san jose, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> san jose state president released a statement condemning the behavior. saying let me be clear i am saddened by the allegations. they are inconsistent with the history of tolerance, respect and personal civility. university police took immediate action when they heard about the situation. >>> our team coverage continues with several hundred students rallying on the san jose state campus and ktvu's rob roth. some say the perception is not necessarily the reality. >> reporter: many students say the campus is not what it seems and it is time for the administration to make some changes. >> reporter: students march the san jose state campus today in support of the african american roommate. >> when you are around campus you see division. >> reporter: it ended at the statues of 1960s olympic athletes making the black power salute
. but that we did lose the cameras and lighting equipment. >> the internet archive building used to be a christian science church built back in 1920s. no one hurt in the fire as the cause is under investigation. a man was shot and killed while riding in the car in san francisco. it happened just before 5:00 this morning. and police they four people were inside that toyota camry hit by gunfire as they approached the bay bridge. the passengers in the backseat were shot several times, later dying at the hospital as his name has not been released. police say he was a 19-year-old from fairfield that no arrests have been made. >> it was a startling crime. allegedly setting the young man on fire. and tonight, police are asking for their help. mike mibach is in san francisco this evening with the two people who police are hoping to talk to. mike? >> reporter: yeah, two critical witnesses, frank. i'll touch on that in just a bit. but first the update on the status of the 18-year-old victim listed in stable condition here at the burn center in st. francis hospital. according to one friend,
state senate pro tem and congressman john burton who told us about the early struggles in the gay rights movement. >> this changed dramatically, and back then, people weren't thinking about -- didn't even discuss transgender issues, probably didn't know what it was. you know, thought it was a dancer on broadway, or something. >> congressman burton remarked about how in the early days, san francisco was seen as an island where there were more tolerance of gay rights but that has since spread nation wide to many communities, and many states recognizing gay marriage. but the gay rights struggle continues and that is one reason that when they ramp up their remarks, they will march up the street to the castro district in remembrance of those early steps. live in san francisco, ken wayne, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> an officer is accused of writing fake traffic tickets to get back at a man who sued him. ktvu's robert handa is live. >> reporter: this is one officers have been following for quite sometime and one that still generates a lot of anger and confusion. it's easy to see why this case is u
for a lot of us. so we are raising awareness and raising funds and also collects things like canned foods, dry foods, any basic essentials that would contribute to their recovery. >> the white house is also stepping up its efforts. while thousands of thousands of people continue to wait for word about the fate of their loved ones in the philippines, one family is trying to deal with the news they feared rob roth speaking to a woman who's grandmother was killed and her father just happened to be visiting when the typhoon hit. what he had to do to survive. >>> now to breaking news in richmond. news chopper 2 is over the scene of a police chase that ended in a crash on sixth street and mcdonald right near nevin park. two people are injured one of them critically. it all started when a police spotted someone with a warrant. news chopper 2 is giving us a good look at the intersection of sixth and nevin. this is not far from nevin park. we're counting at least six police vehicles in this picture alone. a number of people watching this end of this police crash. we know two people have been injur
you're using the phone? >> not really. i probably should, though. >> reporter: police were out in force in union square this afternoon, handing out these flyers, warning shoppers they could be robbed in an instant. shoppers told us they will keep using their phones in public. >> just try to keep a good grip and, you know, be aware. >> reporter: police say the good news is the city's homicide rate is down and that even with the bump in property crimes, investigators say they are also making more arrests. reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2news. >>> bart is beefing up security for this black friday and the focus is not on the trains, but on getting riders safely to the parking lot. ktvu's patty lee joins us live in west oakland, where the added security is in place right now. any problems so far today, patty? >> reporter: well, not so far today, ken. but you can see it's just now starting to get dark. as you can see behind me, the bart officers are starting to collect behind that blue desk. you have folks starting to hover as they get out of the stati
the right order. joining us now live from treasure island with what is going to disappear and when, tom? q ma'am >> reporter: you're down down on the road not o up here you're not going to see much along the way. it was one of the most complicated bridges every built with many beams and joints under great tension making it dangerous to take down. >> the engineers have been study iing the blueprints on how it was built to take it apart in the exact opposite order. >> reporter: removing the 1400 feet up upper roadway. that will allow big machines to come in and take the larger sections down. >> when they really see a noticeable difference will be in 2014. >> reporter: the ridge was just being finished. a huge gap in the double-arch section. >> people will see it cut right in half in march. >> reporter: including the famous s curve will go next all the way down to the water line footings. >> that's the priority because this is what's blocking the completion of the bike path. >> reporter: then the other half of the arched section. next to go the fan five fans that look like a railroad bridg
is really depressing. >> reporter: resident orlando rodriguez showed us his scar. he says he is the man on the right in the gray shirt trying to pull a friend away from the police when undercover officer rushes forward and starts punching me. >> the cop took a few blows at me and took two to my face on the ground. >> reporter: police chief says the officers are justified in using reasonable force to overcome resistance, but he says cell phone video showing the clash between residents and plain clothed office has been sent to the office of complaints. >> the public's trust is everything to us. and so we are going to have a fully transparent investigation. >> reporter: police say the the incident happened because paris williams was illegally riding a bicycle on the sidewalk and refused to stop for the police. >> so you are thinking does this person have a gun, is if bicycle stolen? >> something has to be done about this. i mouth is beat up on the inside. it was just unnecessary. i had to miss work a week or so. >> reporter: officers dropped the cases against paris williams and another man
officers responding to this scene, police tell us they have no record of it happening. we first showed you that video of the attack on friday and now we're hearing from one man who says he recognizes the person seen repeated by stomping on the victim's head. alex savage is live now in san francisco where that man says police won't take his report. >> reporter: one of our viewers saw that video air on friday night. the man seen assaulting a sleeping homeless person right here ochered street earlier this week. this man tells me he called police, but it didn't do any good. he viciously attacked a sleeping homeless person stomping his head, then calmly walking off. >> it's startling. it's shocking. >> reporter: ask you we duri believes -- >> reporter: and joey duri believes the man behind this assault is a man who often panhandles in his neighborhood near ninth and howard. he tells me the man is white, heavyset, at least 6 feet tall, clean cut and extremely aggressive. he's worried the attacker from this video is still out there. >> what's frightening more is that the bigger picture, that t
.m. at the west america branch. several schools went into lock down as police, including one using a police dog searched for the robber. a white man in his 20s, wearing a long sleeve button down shirt. >>> the california highway patrol is looking for a man involved in a hit-and-run accident. the crash happened before 1:00 p.m. on highway 280. officers say a toyota slammed into two cars on the shoulder and a truck. the suspect took off running. three adults changing a tire were thrown into the bushes. the driver is 20 years old with a goatee. >>> thieves starting a food bank, this -- targeting a food bank, this time they are taking the fuel to deliver the food. the thieves targeted a facility of one of the largest -- of one of the largest charities. second harvest food bank. the losses and damages will take a long time to recover from. ktvu's robert handa shows us why. >> reporter: second harvest food bank deliver 1 million pounds of food a week to 250,000 people. tuesday morning thieves stole 90 gallons of fuel and leaving behind two trucks filled with food and $17,000 in damage. >> what we car
. standing underneath the airplanes. >> the pilot came on and told us there had been a breech of security. so the way we all found out what was going on was on virgin nay have tvs. we got on the tv and saw what had been happening. >> reporter: gene says passengers and flight staff remained calm. what was the mood like? >> people were just watching the tv. after a couple of hours people were reading and turning the tv to other stations and whatnot. >> i was wondering when i saw the people if there was bomb alert or something like that. but i saw they're not moving and taking pictures so i say must be something -- i don't know. >> reporter: coming up at 6:00, the impact the lax event is having on outbound bay area travel this evening. why one family said they're grateful they missed their flight to l.a. reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> the lax closure caused one southwest flight to divert to san jose airport. many are experiencing delays for arrivals and departures. we spoke with one traveler headed to moscow. >> i live in israel for many years. my home
and it will save us from having a bigger one. >> reporter: or it might be evidence of a pressure build up. >>> several employees were injured in a crash in sonoma county on lakeville highway just south of old lake road number 2. the driver of a ford f-150 was going southbound when he drifted into the northbound lane and crashed another truck carrying the 10 workers. the driver of the f-150 suffered major injuries. five of the workers were taken to hospitals with various injuries. >>> putting a freeze on tuition. the goal in the long run is to come up with a new plan to keep more money in the pockets of students. >> i wish they could all be california girls. >> reporter: students singing a classic on the classic uc berkley campus. others are singing the tuition blues. >> that's not including books, food, housing. >> it's not completely reasonable to some degree. >> reporter: affordability and accessibility, two words driven home by napalatano. >> it's the right thing to do given what's happened over the last years. >> reporter: undergrad tuition has jumped about 145% the last decade. the l
with cal fire tell us the winds are beginning to die down and that fire is now 50 percent contained. >> in solano county, the downed power lines may have sparked a five alarm fire over vacaville. firefighters also say the wind made it more difficult to contain the fire. >>> the winds were strong. last night, overnight, and this morning. in fact, parts of the bay area are still under a wind advisory right now. >> ktvu bill martin's been tracking the wind and he's here no tell us just how strong those gusts got. >> they were really howling here last night, especially in the oakland hills. check at the wind speeds. we're going to start at the top and work our way down. 65-mile an hour gusts in the oakland hills, 53-mile an hour in santa rosa and we had winds in the other parts of the bay area that were easily into the 50s. here's some more winds for you right here and you can see that we've got -- from my winds right now, we've kind of stuck on that graphic. the winds ary blowing out there now,bling -- winds are beginning to diminish. it's still breezy out there. i'm going to have a ti
. ktvu's robert handa shows us the turmoil today on campus. >> reporter: there was more than one event that took place here and while they all focused on the hate crime it did focus on anger that has been brewing for a while. >> they barricaded him in his room. >> reporter: naacp leaders and the college president were speaking. many students led by the black student union were marching to protest not getting a chance to speak. the focus was similar to support a african american student who was tormented by four white roommate whose water arrested arrested and -- who were arrested and charged. >> it is clear that someone here dropped the ball. >> the college president took responsibility. >> our decision making failed. as part of it i feel that student. and within that we feel all of our -- failed all of our students. >> reporter: a skirmish occurred when the protesting students showed up and they blasted the administration. >> diversity means a lot more than having position of power. >> no support for any diversity programs for african american students to make their campus life bette
the conditions and he is now with us with more on what we could expect. >> this week nothing like last week. last week gusts over 50 miles per hour. the wind advisories have expired across the bay area but still there was a strengthening direction of the winds. point reyes 39 miles per hour. napa 35. oakland hills 26 miles per hour. typically winds gust 45 miles per hour, that was not the case, we are expecting more wind, favoring the higher terrain tonight into tomorrow morning. right now wind reports. sustained speeds, fairfield, 12 miles per hour. oakland 10 miles per hour. sfo stronger, 16 miles per hour. half moon bay 15 miles per hour. san jose 12 miles per hour. coming up in 15 minutes a look that over night wind forecast, the windiest-airs and -- windiest areas and frost, coming up in 15 minutes. >> follow the weather team online, they are posting updates on twitter and facebook. >>> the wind was a big concern for firefighters as they battled a house fire in oakland that left six people homeless. ktvu's allie rasmus says neighbors are stepping in to help the family get back on its feet. >
practice strike. they intimidated us on the last strike. >> ucsf said 50 surgeries were postponed. the union and management have yet to agree on a new contract. and the strike restricted access at uc santa cruz. workers are picketing. metro buses dropped off passengers at stops near the entrances rather than going on campus. >>> california could find itself with a $5 billion surplus if projections hold true. the improving economy and new revenue from tax measures have helped the state overcommits long term deficit. the report recommends it sets it aside for a rainy day fund. >> last thing we want them to do is be in the same shape as 2008 where we had no reserves. >> the budget surplus could grow to $9.6 billion. >>> bizarre accident involving a school bus in san francisco. the driver drove the bus into wet cement. a tow truck had to be called in to pull it out. it got stuck about 2:00 p.m. they had all the proper signs up but the bus still ended up in the wet cement. there were no injuries. >>> it has been two months since a san francisco teen was killed in a car crash. the drive
last night on 880 in oakland. ktvu patty joins us from the richmond san raphael bridge. >> there were 172,000-car fires last year down from 8 % the year before. over the past five years there's been a year to year increase. >> reporter: take a look at these roads. what you do see is the design of the cars are the problem. >> there's vehicles that we notice have a tendency in car fires. >> high profile vehicle fires were the biggest hint. the fires are caused by mechanical or electrical problems. a leading investigator for the insurance company explained why. turns out 85% of newer model cars are run by computers, which means there's more wiring which never shuts off and everything jammed into cars designed to be smaller, lighter and more fuel efficient, there can be problems. >> i see more of those types of fire as anything else. there is about 2 or 3% increase, enough to be significant. >> one way to see if your car is at risk, take a look at what's under the hood. if you can see the ground underneath, there is enough air circulating to keep those comb opponents from combusting. live
ago. 415:67:89 the sheriff's office has not toll us how the person fell or the extent of the injuries. good evening, i'm ken wayne >> and i'm heather holmes. we have a crew onto the scene. we'll have details and bring them to you. >> >> a man killed after trying to help direct traffic early yesterday morning. now, friends, family and co- workers are remembering the educate tor. we get the latest from erics are musen. he is live where webb was a long time teacher and coach. >> reporter: a small memorial here at kennedy high school. john webb, known as coach webb had a lasting impact on kids and adults. those who knew him best say his life ended after the way he had been living for so many years. after a crash, he got out of the corvette he was in to try to direct traffic away. he got hit while in traffic. >> that was him, getting out of the car trying to help someone. >> reporter: former and current jfk high school coaches spoke with us about webb this afternoon. >> with webb at the san jose football game friday night hours before he was killed. >> he looked great, happy. he was with f
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